Boho Rings - Set of 10 Multi and Midi Rings

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These 10 set of rings symbolizes the different aspects of life such as the balance of life, immortality, love, friendship and enlightenment. Great for free spirited people such as bohemians and those who practice yoga. Included in the set is the Om Ring, Ankh Ring, Wave Ring, Infinity Ring, Eight Petal Flower Ring.

1. Wave Ring or Ocean Ring - Symbolizes ability to adapt to life's highs and lows however unpredictable they may be. A person who wears this ring has the ability to adapt to the ever changing emotions and situations that they will be faced with and has the ability to go with the flow of life and adapt to it's currents. 

2. Ankh Ring - An Egyptian hieroglyphic ideograph that symbolizes immortality and the balance of life.

3. Infinity Ring - (Ring with multiple infinity symbols) - Ring means eternity, empowerment, everlasting love and friendship.

4. The Aum/Om Ring - Is a symbol that represents the essence of all creation and is said to be the first sound of creation. You may chant this before and after you do your yoga exercises. It helps to block outside interference and concentrate on inner thoughts and peace.

5. Eight Petal Flower Ring - Lotus Flower with 8 petals represents the eight stages of enlightenment known as the Eightfold Path. 

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