Multicolored Geometric Earrings With Decorative Floral Rhinestones

Product Details

These beautiful geometric earrings are quite large and will possibly drop close to the bottom of your neck. The earrings are tear drop shaped, flat, have many abstract geometric shapes throughout and are multicolored like gasoline. The earrings have decorative floral rhinestone embellishments that add more dimension to this piece. Very colorful and definitely would make a statement.

As you can see from the pictures, the stainless steel is a free flowing rainbow color so the colors may vary on each earring and any other earrings you may order.

Important - Please order months in advance if you are going to use any of our products for a special occasion as shipping time may vary. Any of the products in our store including special occasion type products may come sooner or later than expected. Please refer to the shipping and handling page for further details.


Stainless Steel



Dressy Casual

Jewelry Type

Dangle Earrings



Width of Earrings(cm)


Length of Earrings(cm)


Net Weight(kg) 0.012
Shipping Weight(kg) 0.025
Package Dimensions(cm) 10.0*8.0*1.0
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